BTp Italia: total deposits of 9.4 billion, of which 2.2 billion institutional

In the placement scheduled for today, June 23rd, reserved for institutional investors, BTp Italia raised a total of 2.179 billion euros. Adding the 7.24 billion euros raised in the retail phase that ended yesterday brings the total spent in the 17th edition of BTp Italia to around 9.4 billion euros.

On the occasion of the sixteenth issue, institutional investors were allotted a total of 8.3 billion Italian BTp against a total claim of 19.5 billion euros. The total amount issued in May 2020 was €22.29 billion.

The BTp Italia has a duration of 8 years and a maturity until 06/28/2030 and is a security indexed to the Italian inflation rate whose coupons are paid every 6 months together with the revaluation of the capital due to the inflation semester.

In a statement, the Treasury said the proposals from institutional investors participating in the second phase of the offering today totaled 238 for an issued value of €2.179 billion. In the first phase of the placement (intended for private individuals and similar investors) on June 20-22, 2022, 211,432 contracts with a value of 7.26 billion euros were closed.

The new bond, which has a term of 8 years, a claim date of June 28, 2022 and a maturity date of June 28, 2030, has a final annual (real) coupon of 1.60%, paid in two semi-annual coupons, Mef recalls. The settlement of the transaction takes place on the same day as the enjoyment of the title. Tomorrow, June 24th, qualitative information will be provided on the characteristics of the demand, distinguishing the two phases of the mediation period.

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