Here’s how to get them by August 3rd

Listen to this article Esselunga promotes an excellent initiative that is very important to save a lot of money during this period of strong increases that have hit fuel hardest in Italy. With the action “Stock up on comfortEsselunga gives away fuel vouchers when purchasing suitable products. Each product with a sticker guarantees a certain … Read more

“There is no feeling between Tare and Sarri. The coach is unhappy” © Photo on Alfredo Pedulla directly to the microphones of Sportitalia has published important news on the front lines Lazio. In particular, on the rending issue of the transfer market biancoceleste and relations between Maurizio Sarri and Igli Repel. This is his statement on the subject: “It’s a difficult moment for Sarri between … Read more

Men and women, “guided” by the editors? All Spilled: “The Recording Schedule…”

home” gossip” Men and women ” Men and women, “guided” by the editors? All Spilled: “The Recording Schedule…” Written by Marta Vitulano il June 24, 2022 In the latest issue of Men and Women magazine, the editors revealed all about the admissions schedule. men and women is it “piloted” by the editors? Or rather, should … Read more

Losing weight after 50: mistakes and foods to avoid

DImagine after the age of 50, Especially when menopause begins, it’s an endeavor that requires some dedication. But not only. It is necessary be well informed Avoid DIYs and advice stolen without the ones stolen from social media Supervision by a specialistwho can point the right way based on the characteristics of each patient. Nobody … Read more

Can’t liquidate the prefilled 730? Here’s what to do

The processing of sample tax calculations 730 prefilled it can therefore indicate the status “not liquid”. This means that the required data has not been entered or has been entered incompletely or incorrectly. Pain of digitization, nothing serious. A help, however meager it may be, is there immediately Agency of Revenue, which explains that the … Read more

Also the Atlético of Madrid on Di Maria!

MASSIMO PAVAN: “ANGEL DI MARIA’S CHOICE WILL UNDERSTAND HIS MOTIVATIONS, ON DE LIGT…” Massimo Pavan: “The choice of Angel Di Maria will allow us to understand his motivations, if he just wants to focus on the World Cup this is not the right choice. There is little to say about de Ligt, if he decides … Read more

“My battle with cancer has begun” – Libero Quotidiano

Giovanni Allevi, after announcement on his profile Instagram A… have multiple myelomareturns to social media with a new post announcing that the way of care to fight against Cancer and thanks his fans for the affection and closeness they have shown him. “With a heart overflowing with gratitude,” writes the pianist and composer, “I thank … Read more

Special profit contribution, the clarifications of the income, who has to pay and the calculation

Special profit contribution, further clarifications from the Revenue Agency in Circular No. 22 of June 23, 2022. The aspects covered in the practice document: the subjective area, the tax base and the VAT group. extra profit contribution, the Revenue Agency provides further explanation of the amount to be paid company in the manufacture and marketing … Read more

Milan: Maldini is ready to sign but nobody calls him. Meanwhile, Botman goes to Newcastle | First page

And another day has essentially passed without news if we don’t want to take Botman’s move to Newcastle as such, otherwise we’d have to be talking about the first caporetto of the Rossoneri summer. 5 days until June 30th. This time we avoid asking questions and try to provide answers. Maldini and Massara haven’t signed … Read more